Saturday, 10 April 2010

Dress in Kelloggs

Ok, I didn't see this coming.
I'm sure readers of wouldn't know what to make out of the news that Kellogg's has teamed up with retail giant Marks & Spencer to sell the red dress featured on the Special K serial pack, posted on April Fools Day. It turns out this is no joke. Due to popular demand, the red dress that can also be worn as a skirt, is out for sale at selected M&S stores as well as online. The price? £19.50. Both parts appeared happy to be meeting their consumers' needs.

Well, well, imagine that. At the same time that designers are striving to lure customers, the customers (in thousands) actively demand to have the dress they see on a cereal advert. Can't wait to see how this one goes. And what follows...

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T said...

Personally, I am waiting for the Froot Loops clutch to come out. :)