Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Concert backstage styling

*blogger was playing tricks on me today, sorry about that.

Ever wondered what being backstage at a concert is like? What's the role of a stylist in that? Well this is what this post is all about.

Last Sunday, Fresh FM 88!6 hosted a secret "Garage Party" for a limited audience, at the especially transformed back end of MediaMarkt's parking area. In charge of styling, two familiar faces, Celebrity Skin.
They felt like having extra company whilst working backstage and there I was with LifeFullofFashion (courtesy of whom the above photo is) to see what they were up to. What am I doing above? Filming this, the concert's styling theme in creators' own words:
The dressing corner, styled and themed for extra CS vibe.
Dimitris' Petrou ties and bow ties were among the weapons of choice.
And the CS dress ready for action. Quite a short and toned down number compared to what they've got you used to in their shows. It's stage material this time.
Close-up of shrugs and fabric.
Eleni showing off the shoes, Penelope Anastasopoulou's own.
And the earrings, inversed spades shaped mirrors, big enough to reflect my camera.
Deciding on the theme, setting up your corner and bringing in the tools is one thing. Dressing the artist is quite another. Image above is only a confirmation it was all applied. The process will follow shortly.


Giovanna&Roberta said...

Absolutely love this post giiirl!

FashionFreak said...

Αυτές οι γόβες, είναι τέλειες.

battered couture said...

i think the shoes are bordello. they fuckin rule.

Alecca Rox said...

@ battered couture - well spotted mi deer! (they r.u.l.e.)

celebrityskin said...

thanks alecca 4 everything
u re amazing

Kelly said...

AMAZING heels!!!
Great post!!!


lafashionelle said...

Love those heels!!!I have something on my blog for you, you can check it out! xxx

Dylana Suarez said...

Those shoes are WOW!

Just came across your blog! It is lovely!

penelope anastasopoulou said...

heya all! those shoes are indeed bordello. i actually own 1 more pair that i bought before those ones and don t fit. they are (american) size 9, and are brand new and..... for sale!!!! so contact me through FACEBOOK in case u want them!
Penelope Anastasopoulou