Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Easy tiger:)

It has recently come to my attention that there are two kinds of blogger souls out there.


1. You start experimenting with your favourite topics and at the same time follow blogs you find interesting.
2. You get inspired by those, you come up with ways to post stuff of interest to you and others, your way.
3. You observe how it all works and soon you start leaving comments to other people, whether to state your support, apply constructive criticism or just to say hello.
4. You are slowly building a network of readers and fellow bloggers who later become your friends. Isn’t it nice to be sharing your thoughts with like-minded people?
5. At some point, a magazine/paper may or may not take notice of you. If they do, great! You get to share what you do with even more people. If they don’t, it’s ok, bloggers link you anyway. You have your own readers and keep focusing on them.

1. You write the most magazine-like topics you can. Sooner or later they’ll notice you. You also follow any blog you come across in hope that they’ll follow back.
2. You rip off other blog layouts and topics, attempt to steal their partners and followers. Only a sucker would start from scratch!
3. You don’t need to observe anything, you know it all. You start leaving hate/intimidation comments to blogs you don’t like, you’ll kick they’re a**, you’re so much better, so much better.
4. You are slowly building a network of nothing, but as long as your followers’ number looks good, it’s all good. You just want to be popular and popular people don’t need friends, just followers right?
5. No magazine/paper gives a fig about you. Clearly they are blind and useless at their jobs. Actually, YOU should be doing their jobs because you are the best. Your cat says so too. And as for those other bloggers they write about, they must be related by blood because they are not half as good as you. You leave more hate comments. There, now you showed them.

Errr...easy tiger:)


Unknown said...

That's an interesting post! Funny too!

Nells said...

well spoken!
some of US new bloggers do stuff like that..popularity is like a drug!when i started blogging on my easter holidays, i was shy and thought i'd have no followers for months.i just hoped my posts wouldn't look ridiculous!the only blogger i knew in person was elena from lfof!and by checking out her blog the couple of years i know her started to notice more interesting blogs around the world..i'm a 27 year old shopping/fashion freak..i love obtaining knowledge and i've kept it to myself.the truth is i started doing it cos i was 15 days home alone,with no friends left in athens,no work to go to due to the holidays...and the only thing i could do was read magazines/blogs,rearrange my closet and shop the money i had left..
i uploaded my blog,created the blogroll of my favs without following..and posted..1st "welcome" comment by elena,a few posts by me and nothing really for 5 days!!i hadn't even told my fiends.and suddenly several recent bloggers followed!this week i get 10 everyday..i don't think i'm worth it..some of them whose post or origin seemed interesting, i followed back. i went through many blogs and realized there are super blogs around for months or even years with very few followers!and i have what????75?????
how many of them will remain on my list?if i don't follow back?i wonder...and i'm following not even half of them????am i so great???nahhhh!!do they believe in me so much when i my self don't know where i am going?otherwise all the really cool blogs i'm commenting on/following/or share on my favs would have followed me back!and those 4 who have i'm sure they did it for support cos i haven't really shown anything yet!
the only thing i can state is i totally understand how you "older" bloggers who started hard don't follow back on everybody!
wouldn't it be nice to support eachother and check back to see how it's been after a while?
i envy some girls of your blogline for having such sweet bonds..but i am afraid this ain't happening for the rest of us NEWBIES.
But really whoever had the nerve to do such a thing as leaving hate comms is not just stupid and hilarious..is the real sucker.such people get devastated when glory subsides...cos i think those of US who are striving for that instant glory thing..will soon fade away..

Alecca Rox said...

wow, what a comment Nells, thanks for sharing!

blogger-bonds are just like any other friendship. only a fool would say no to new friends but it takes a while for bonds to develop and it comes naturally as well as gradually.

oh, and believe me, blogger soul B knows no nationality:)

lucia said...

i do agree for that last comment about nationality dear :)

as for me, ive got to say that i didnt follow any blog not because i dont like any but because i find it useless. i do read several blogs (you know who you are) but didnt realize what a "follower" is, as long as im a faithful reader. this is also why i didnt made the few followers ive got obvious, not because they are few but because its pointless in my opinion (im not criticizing anyone who did thought, so dont misunderstand my words). [probably this is an apology for not having followed your blog though im checking it daily :) ]

its all about how seriously you take the whole thing. i mean, its only a blog while our personality is far more complicated. when i see someone who takes it too seriously, i think theres a problem there.

as for blogger bonds, they can be strong even if you havent met someone physically.

Thalia said...

this is so true...
i think Blogger B is a breed of it's own.
the sad thing is when there is no distinction between Blogger A and B ......

battered couture said...

well said girl. i loved the "fig" part. ha!

T said...

Ha! Great post.

ShoppingTherapy said...

i was actually planning to write a post about what kind of blogger i feel i am and need to be

not a girl not yet a woman! said...

u are so right!Alecca u rock!

Nells said...

i would like to say something..about the origin thing so i don't get misunderstood!
when i say i follow people whose posts or origin i like/find interesting i mean that i search for certain blogs for instance in Bangladesh(maybe not my fashion taste but isn't it interesting to see how those people enjoy fashion-blogging?)or Iraq,(see how fashion survives through restrictions and different culture !!)
but yes u people are right...
ps:alecca thanx really!

zoe.k. said...

When I started my first blog I did it for me, it was my online - open to everyone - diary of things, especially music, that I like or dislike. I didn't expect anyone to read it. But some do! It is so nice to know that there are other people out there who find interesting what you have to say, even if they don't agree totally.
The second blog was just my need to see if I can do what I thought was that easy to do: sew! I didn't have in mind that I wanted to be a fashion blogger, cause I don't see myself as that. I just sew. I create things I like to wear and want to see my friends wear them too. Followers for me are readers who bumped into my blog and follow to show there appreciation for what I do. And that is why I follow others. That is why I will never ever ever understand the Blogger Soul B thing. Call me naïve or whatever!

Does this make any sense at all?
Sorry, I'm a bit dizzy, sewing all night can do that to you!
Cheers to all of you!

lineandree said...

I'm pretty sure I'm A. Or I hope so at least :)


pavlina said...

may I?... may i be honest and harsh?
maybe there are two kinds of bloggers yes... but i personally think there are too many bloggers...too many!
think about it
p.s i have a blog too ok, but only until my website is ready

Marietta said...

Every blogger who respects herself will take the A example and follow it. It's one things to want to be famous and another to start leaving hate comments out of jealousy everywhere.That's just sad.Well written, me like! ;)

Alecca Rox said...

pavlinaaa! (hi)

it is not a matter of being harsh, it is true, there are too many blogs but that's all about freedom of speech and freedom of choice.

you only read what you want and people can write what they want too. the problem is when some only aim to publicity and disrespect others' right to say openly whatever they want. you do not "hate" a blog you don't like, you just don't read it:) that's what this post is all about.

speaking about blogs, they are websites in their own right: they have an author, content and a url, only they are free of charge.

thanks for this sincere comment and every chance i get, i have to say your work rulz;)

Florendia said...

mmm... I think there are more than two kinds of bloggers, but I can see your point. All I can say is that since I started my blog I am more excited about this whole world of other bloggers, ideas and information that opened in front of me than my own blog's popularity etc. However I would be a hypocrite if I said I don't enjoy the attention!

pavlina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pavlina said...

..ok i read my comment, man when written i seem so mean... no no no.. i deleted it and i keep it to myself, because its distorted without the voice effect.
but will post this again, because its v. good
love you blog too alecca xx

Alecca Rox said...

haha... no worries.
believe me we've all had the same thoughts as you, i have a theory about it, i'll let you know soon.
by no means, don't feel guilty though, questioning only provokes thinking and thinking is good, we should do more of it.
will check that link asap, thanks for pointing it out!

chloe said...

interesting subject! do Bs get very far with blogging? im sure i wouldn't keep reading a B!
as for me, in my teens i thought you only could be involved in fashion by being a "fashion designer".. when i was working (writing) for a magazine, i discovered the career of "stylist" but bosses told me i couldn't do it because i hadn't "studied" fashion. then i worked as manager at a hair salon, hoping to get involved in hair/fashion editorials or styling shows but again i wasn't included, and i wasn't aggressive enough to pull myself into the spotlight. it was like the fashion door was closed to me and i was so frustrated! my best friends love shopping and clothes but don't follow the fashion world as religiously as i do, so when i discovered blogs i felt like the world opened up. eventually i started thinking 'why don't i do one too?'.
having my own blog, seeing other people's and exchanging comments completely refreshed me. it even helped me get my current job as visual merchandiser because my fashionable boss liked my style. she hired me even though i hadn't "studied" fashion and it was like all those years that not-studying-fashion held me back were suddenly compensated.

and don't get me started on how many wonderful people ive met! despite never seeing them face-to-face, there are several bloggers that i feel very connected to and look forward to reading every day, i feel like i miss them if i don't hear their news! of my circle of friends/family, at first my boyfriend was the only person who knew about it, but in the last couple of months ive told a few people and have generally had a good response.

sorry for the blab, hehe, your posts always make me think alecca, you rock! xxx

fashionist__ahead said...

exeis pragmatikaa dikiooo...
ouaou..apo ta wraiotera post p exw diavaseii mexri stigmis..
an k eim ligo kainourgia st blogosfera k twra katalavainw pws leitourgoun ta pragmata exeis apolutoo dikioo...k duxtuxws exw petuxeii k bloggers apo tn katigoriaa b..:( anyway,apla polu eustoxoo...bravoo..:D

Lopi said...

"you do not "hate" a blog you don't like, you just don't read it"

SO DAMN TRUE. Yes, there are many blogs around and the number is going to grow even more. So what? We'll just have to get a bit more selective. As for the "following" thing, I use it as a tool so I will know when a blog I like gets updated, not to get noticed.

And Chloe is very correct too, B-type bloggers won't get far.

A BRIT GREEK said...

Am long time reader, 1st time commenter.

Great post Alecca girl, there are clearly 2 divides and only one type will conquer! 'Nuff said!

I just don't get people who slate or write nasty comments on other people posts. I understand constructive criticism where it's required (or if info is incorrect) but surely via email rather than a public mauling? Besides like you said Blogging is about freedom of your own thoughts, opinions etc etc

I'll be checking out all you other commenters later, as a semi new Greek resident from the UK - perhaps you can all help point me in the right direction for the best fashion hot spots in Athens!!! ;)

annie said...

It needs a loooot of effort and time to build a good and interesting blog.
First to please yourself and be happy with the content, the writing..
Second to please your friends (followers) by being more and more honest, to share thoughts, feelings, photos, interesting shops, sites.
I believe that bloggers B are really lonely people..
Great post!


Juanita said...

Δε θέλω να επαναλάβω όλα τα όμορφα που σου είπαν,όσο διάβαζα το ποστ σου μου ήρθε στο μυαλό κάτι που είχα διαβάσει παλιά απο την "ψιλικατζού". Την αγαπώ, είναι η θεά μου (ή απλά κάνω σα γκρούπι επειδή ήταν το πρώτο blog που διάβασα με αφοσίωση και λατρεία!)Τελοσπάντων και μένα δε με διαβάζει ούτε η μάνα μου αλλά δε πάω στα άλλα blogs να ξεσπαθώσω για την άδικη ζωή που με έχει στην αφάνεια. Σου στέλνω το σχετικό ποστ της ψιλικατζούς και νομίζω ότι κάπου θα συμφωνήσεις.
Ο κόσμος είναι κακός (πόσο κλισέ!),έχει αμέτρητα κόμπλεξ και τα ξεσπάει όπου λάχει.Last but not least: Vanity, definitely my favourite sin που έλεγε και ο καλός μου ΑΛ Πατσίνο.
Κυρίως δεν αξίζει να ασχολείσαι! Ωστόσο ότι έγραψες ήταν ένα καλό kick in the ass :)

Sugahspank! said...

great post, great impact! :)

DinDinaki Koudounaki said...

i don’t know much about bloggers yet and the whole blogging thing cause I’m an amateur…But as a blog is a contraction of the term "web log’, (log stands for the word ‘‘logos’’ which means speech in Greek), I suppose that blog is a website where someone has the freedom to express himself, to share the way he/ she sees things and of course as a living being to interact with other people. Can you ever say that there are too many people out there in real life?? So how can someone wonder or believe that there are too many ‘‘bloggers’’?? we are all neighbours in real or made from pixels neighbourhoods.
I can see your point (I mean all commenters) and i completely understand. But in my point of view, unfortunately or fortunately ‘‘opinions are like assholes…everybody has one”…we should preserve the right to freedom of speech.
Those who slate or write nasty comments on other people posts are characterised by their own behaviour and that’s their ‘‘condemnation’’, provoked and decided by their own way of thinking and behaving.
The others let’s try not to take it too serious and have fun through blogging and if we are lucky enough with the companionship of other bloggers. Enough said- I can hear u snoring…zzzzzzzzz… lol!!

Ps. Kai epi th eukaria se auth th ‘‘geitonia’’ tolmw na pw polli omorfo to ‘‘tsardi’’ sas, kai tnx gia thn filoxenia.

Princess Margot said...

Hello Alecca!

I so agree with your post. I am too a newbie (as fellow blogger Nells) and I am still trying to explore other blogs. I used to and still do "follow" (not always as a follower) many inspiring blogs all over the world. The posts and pictures are so inspiring! That's why I felt the need to be a member of the community!!! On an other note there are blogs that are not of my personal taste and I just do not read them. It never crossed my mind that people leave hate comments. .. But I guess in every environment you can find pretentious team B souls. I just ignore them and focus to the people I like! Generally!


Pink_Fish said...

so very true. I believe that by reading each individual's blog you can easily understand his/her, character, culture, opinions etc. Even from a plain thing such as a blog, our true character stands out. You can never hide, much more to pretend you' re someone you're not....

Unknown said...

hm, interesting point!

I personally don't consider myself really a blogger. Why?
1st - I'm a fashion designer
2nd - I run my own company and have too many things to do
3rd - got my job with a fashion magazine doing trend analysis and writing some articles - that's a hobby too
And blogging for me just comes as a hobby - posting whenever I have time and something I believe is worth sharing. Just sharing my creative observations, research material and what touches my perfectionist soul.

I don't have too many followers but I know people that do read my post they are there because they like what they read in my blog.

Since I Google most of the topics I write about I came across a Blog that is definitely stealing my posts! And my posts are signed by another author. I have no problem if someone should re-post my post on their blog, but be decent enough to put the credits too! Some people are really unbelievable!!! ( this is why I put the Disclaimer section and protected the content. If anyone should ask this is called Intellectual Property and its protected by Law!

And whoever is rude and impolite enough to leave mean comments is a sad person that anyone should just feel sorry for. Obviously this person has serious mental condition that manifests itself in such a form of frustration that it has to take it out on other people.

Unfortunately so Fashion industry has very stressful environment and it has a lot of hate and jealousy - felt it on my skin. So this doesn't surprise me so much.
But as well I find it amazing and totally relaxing seeing so many young girls that do have sincere love for fashion and write so many wonderful stuff. I personally read many blogs trough my mobile while I'm in the gym (because I normally don't have time). And I love them all.
And its certainly annoying to see a hate comment on a blog that shows so much love and passion towards something so inspiring and wonderful as fashion. If we cant spread love and support for one another, why spread hate??????