Wednesday, 7 April 2010

For your eyes only

I received this comment last night and as I am always honouring my visitors, I took it under serious consideration:

"when u say the clothes reminded you of mq queen you mean that when u see 'red' you think of valentino??? too 80's...if you get a better look ... you just realize that either the lines- shapes or the textures have nothing to do with mq queen..just place the pics next to each it??"*

It refers to the fact that a few people commented about how a certain designer's show at FWA had references to McQueen. Since the suggestion was to place the pictures next to each other, I did, in fact I am posting them here, both McQueen, S/S 10 (from, do go back there for another look at this fantastic collection), you know which one the other was so go back to compare:

Just merge the shapes of the above McQueen dresses, add cleavage - or it won't sell in the sexy, sunny country we live in- and the dress is identical. In fact, when I saw it at that Greek designer's show last week, I felt it was a nice, emotional tribute to the late fashion genius. And so did the entire room.

So here it goes, for your eyes only. Still don't see it? Have them checked.

*And at this point let me say, I was not impressed with the attitude. This is not your back yard. It's mine. Be nice or go home.


Christiana said...

This attitude is so... Last year!
if you remember what I mean...


Lopi said...

Whoever said they the clothes don't remind them of McQueen, are kidding themselves.
But, like you very well said it in the previous post, they seem to be *inspired* by, a tribute if you prefer the term. No-one ever said anything about copying. I pretty much liked the Greek designer's show, I think it was probably one of the most fashion-forward ones I witnessed this season, but the fact remains that the shapes reminded us all of McQueen.

Nells said...

alecca rox after all....anyone will a hint of objectivity would agree..