Thursday, 27 January 2011

Eastpak Artist Studio - the bag

I have already told you I am participating at this year's Eastpak Artist Studio project for charity. As it all happened so fast, I haven't been able to show you the bag. Taking you through it now:
I was chosen for blogging about fashion so I thought it should be a blogger themed bag. What bloggers are notorious for among other things, is snapping photos. I made a velcro detachable camera pocket and placed it at calculated hight on the left arm of the backpack so one can shoot photos as you go.
The pocket secures with a bow to fit most pocket-camera sizes and has two strass elements attached to it, a small for turn on and a bigger for snap. (made a camera dummy out of a random magazine cut-out)
Then, most bloggers like knitting. I do too and since I both perform and talk about it every chance I get, it had to be part of my bag. Opened two button-holes at the top of the bag and stuck my bamboo needles in them. What you can't see is that on the inside, there are two tubes perfectly fitting them and stopping them at the right height.
Bottom left side of the bag there is another button-hole. This one is for the yarn as you don't want it twirling on dirty floors as you knit. Once you've started knitting of course, your project can be kept safely at the front pocket between sessions. Up to here, I'd made the perfect backpack for me. I even thought about not handing it in - but then I thought of the charity:) So on we go. With all the press fashion blogging has been receiving lately I thought there had to be a tongue-in-cheek cheesy element to it. Well I blastered 'blogger' with yarn all over the front top and crowned it with a strass. Doesn't get cheesier than that hun.

Also, we do get to keep lots of notes so I pinned all kinds of phrases (some hand-written by me) and even clothes and shoe images to create a blogger's 'edit drafts' feel.

'Knits between shows' is well, what this bag is meant for! (saying this, it's an exhibition piece, I don' expect to see it anywhere in public)

Among all other stuff I chose to pin, is an original 'Made in Greece' tag, something that will soon be a collectors item considering not much will be produced in Greece for long the way it goes.
So there you go, now you know all there is to know about my bag. That, and the fact that I made it with lots of love hoping to bring some of it to the people in need. Spent time with it as long as I could thus it's fully charged with Alecca-positive energy.
Last but not least, special thanks to Ino Mei for the amazing shoot of this bag at her studio and all the mental support.

*More on the fate of this bag, the exhibition party and all other participants, coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Wow!the photo case, the knitting needles,the phrases,the made in greece tag!!
I loved every little detail of the bag..congrats girl,you made a perfect bag even for those of us who don't like backpacks :)

battered couture said...

alecca kicking ass big time. na se pw re mana mou an thelei kapoios na ftiaksei mia eastpack (egw) ginetai?

annie said...

lovely bag!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

This is so good :) You go Alecca Rox and inspire us all !!!!!!!

Alecca Rox said...

@ battered couture - I guess you refer to designing your own bag? You'll have to contact Eastpak Hellas for that Chérie;)

*thx everyone for the kind words!

zansot said...

Wow! this bag is supercute and I must say, the camera-pocket is a fantastic idea :D
sigxarhthria loipon! And indeed, you go alecca rox! :D

are they gonna be out for sale or just for expo?