Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Eastpak Artist Studio vs Alecca Rox

The project: "77 of the continent’s most creative personalities have been selected to produce original creations from a number of limited edition 'blank' EASTPAK bags. The artists have been selected from different backgrounds and include painters, sculptors and poets as well as musicians, graffiti artists and television personalities.

EASTPAK is proud to support this select group of artists and the communities that feed their inspiration. All proceeds of sales of these one-of-a-kind creations will be donated to a local charity organisation in each participating country".

It's creative. It's for a good cause. I am in.
Check out the project here. Can you spot my bag? Well it's here - stats are 2009 but do you care. Will get back to you on this one, so happy to be part of it.


zoe.k. said...

love it!!!

Unknown said...

WOW! You know how much I adore you! This bag is 100% you!Go go Alecca! Congrats!I am expecting a giveaway!

Mairyliscious said...

πολυ ομορφη η τσαντα σου !!!!!!!!