Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Oh my, GOSH!

This is one amazing lip glaze. Quite right though, I wouldn't spare a post just to say that. Gosh was among the sponsors of Romina Karamanea's London show and this was quite a special item that ended up in the make-up bag of a lucky duck I know.
Great colour and sparkly, wet shine, but it's certain details that make it such a gadget. Crystal clear mirror for touch-ups attached but also...
...tiny spotlights pointing straight to your lips so that these touch-ups are perfectly executed in the dark.
And a shaky demonstration:
Not sure it's convenience or the gadget aspect that impressed me the most. Does it matter? Impressed anyway.


Elena said...

Cool!!! I so need one!

Unknown said...

They are available from Amway Hellas my dearest