Monday, 10 January 2011

These pets know fashion

They were born to do the catwalk and they are style watchdogs by nature. Here are some precious pets that know fashion best!
Avant Garde - Dimitris Strepkos cat and face of Celebrity Skin. Adores to be styled and Celebrity Skin adore to style her. Their atelier is her playground.
Oscar - Celebrity make-up artist Thanos Molos' dog. Very well behaved, watches Thanos do his magic with love and admiration. Pretty sure he'd only bark at the sight of bad make-up.
Cohen - One of Pavlina Papailiopoulou's 'babies', keeping her company every step of the Ippolito bags design process. He recently posed next to her for Vimadonna magazine, proud of her great collection.
Jarvis - Pavlina Papailiopoulou's second 'boy', who's actually looking for a bride these days. Click on link for details as well as example of the ideal mate! He's had his share of publicity too, on the pages of Lifo free press.
Nila - Zoe K.'s aka Stripes'n'Buttons sweetheart, featuring a Stripes'n'Buttons fleece cloak made especially for her. Friendly and cuddly with heart-breaking 'puppy eyes' ability when next to the dinner table.
Mushi - Responsible for one half of designer duo Akira Mushi's name, who I once managed to introduce to you as a cat(!) Guards owner Anna Petrides and the collection with his life.
Aleksandros - Found his way to headquarters as a puppy and never left. Even though he knows exciting stuff is going on inside, he is very discreet and never walks in. Afterall the team who love him to bits made him his own house and often take breaks to go out and play with him. Keeps suggesting they should add pet gadgets to their catalogue.
Miu - ok Miu is mine. Apart from adoring herself in the mirror she's also got a thing for shoes. Likes noisy shopping bags. Usually wears real fur (her own of course). Moulimon - Miu's offspring which I just couldn't let go of. She's one for real fur too. Eats broccoli. Appreciates my knitting:)

NOTE: Never ever make your pet wear something it's not happy with. Some of the pets in this post grew up between fabrics and strings and actually like to be wrapped in them. This doesn't mean they perceive fashion they way we do, so ...ask them first!


Unknown said...

I miss my cat :(

Elena said...

Cutest post ever! You should add Sotiris' Carmelita as well!(
Hugs & kisses! Hope you 've found some time to relax!

Pan said...

So proud to see our dog Alexandros in this post, so great that there are fashion conscious pets!

annie said...

your cat is amazing!

zoe.k. said...

LOVE them ALL! :)
Nila says THANK YOU!!!!

Nells said...

i love the post!!i wish i had a little stylish friend!!

Unknown said...

truth is my cat prefers naked chic! minimal as that! thanks for the post, made me laugh!

Thalia said...

loved this post! animals are such an important part of my life! :-)

pavlina said...

Jarvis, Cohen, Manos (their dad) and I were reading proud all together your post. The boys say WOOF!!! thank you :)

lucia said...

oh my! Jarvis stole my heart. his eyes do remind me of my old dog.

so cute post. i always appreciate people who love animals.

happy new year dear!

Florendia said...

Cute post! Like the note.