Saturday, 22 January 2011

En Vit Ekorre - music, fashion & ecology

En Vit Ekorre is apparently a stage designer as well as a costume & accessories designer. She's the one responsible for most performance outfits of Film featuring Etten gigs (including last night's at Gagarin, see below). As there aren't many local live shows of such costume attention, thought it's worth dropping a line about it.
En Vit Ekorre features 'Athens - Stockholm' with a brief about note saying the brand stands for recycling vintage fabrics, clothes, as well as all kinds of materials spotted at flea markets in Athens, Stockholm and Berlin. It's all about mixing fashion and ecology, and looks like the outcome goes down well on stage.

I thought her item presentations are quite special too, so here's a peep before you click on to check her out.


Muki Mu Kats said...

wow! her designs and creations are super cool! the result on Film and Etten is amazing! ;D

Belong said...

wonderful stuff, very's always about doing what you love