Thursday, 2 April 2009

Celebrity Skin @ Athens Xclusive

Is it the celebrity that carries the skin or does the skin carry the celebrity?

That was the question that led stylists Dimtitris Strepkos and Eleni Barla to name this fresh-from-the-box brand "Celebrity Skin". Any realtion to Celebrity Skin by Hole? "No", says Dimitris "we thought of that song after deciding our brand's name". Well, as the lyrics go, "so glad you could make it" guys, cool stuff.

Their first collection, titled TIM BURTONS IMPOSSIBLE NIGHTMARE, is made for editorial purposes, shoots and special occassions. However Strepkos revealed they are soon planning to make more easy-to-wear clothes. The duo's moto is dare to wear, sounds promising as much as intriguing.

The inspiration came from film noir, in particular Tim Burton, Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich. Expect black and grey shades of cotton-lycra, silk, felt and organza. It's no surprise the shapes and shoot angles are so theatrical. Strepkos has been a costumes designer for theatrical plays for many years.

Look out for Celebrity Skin's debut in AXDW this Sunday at 21:00.

Dimitris Strepkos is a stylist, art director, editor-in-chief of MAG (free press) and along with his brother, the owner of the theatre "Theatro Michanis Technis".


Blood Roses said...

thanks for the introduction to this brand! I love the dress in the third shot, its insane but totally stunning

Fayoona said...

this is soooo cool. and loving The Hole lyrics reference.
SOS-er fi xx