Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Survival of the Fittest

If you thought New Yorkers were mad for storming into that 5th Avenue H&M store the day Matthew Williamson's line was launched, put madrileños and madrileñas to your list too:

Why do we do this I wonder. What makes a lawyer pull off a sickie, a student to skip school and a mother to go fight like Hulk Hogan just to get an H&M piece of clothing labeled by some designer but 'made in China/Romania' nonetheless?

And if you think this would never happen to our country, think again. Here's a photo report from last November, when the Comme des Garçons collaboration was released. I went to H&M that used to be in Stadiou str. to see with my own eyes and took some shots whilst at it.

Remember that store?

08:50 - a restless qeue awaited the opening of the main door.
And then, you just had to be fast and furious...

A few days later, it was all gone. Literally...


Lopi said...

I also popped in the Stadiou H&M back in the day, only a bit late, at about 12:30 and it was very civilized. I didn't get any polka dot stuff, but I managed to score some really nice finds.
This time, I didn't bother. I don't like Matthew Williamson and his style and I certainly didn't see anything worth fighting for in his H&M collection. So, I'll pass.

Marietta said...

I've never experienced this craziness but I guess when you see sth like that happening you have to go with the row. You maybe think, if people are acting this way , it must be a big deal!
Or maybe people care so much about fashion (?)

Anonymous said...

This really reminds me of the episode of "Friends" with Monica's wedding dress. Can we be that maniac when it comes to shopping? Well, anyone that has visited ermou street at sales after christmas holidays, knows that shopping can be unpleasant. (20 women over the coloured berska sweaters/bargains pulling clothes like crazy just in case their sizes run out!)

irini said...

God, I loved the "old" H&M... It was one of the most beautiful stores in Athens and I really don't get why the decided to re-open the Kapnikarea store and not that one :(

Christiana said...

You are so sooo right!!! On the 23rd Mathhew Williamson funs where there ...and even if the crowd was smaller this time, they were ALL looking desperate trying to find something to buy.

lucia said...

i quite appreciate this post and im so happy to see someone who doesnt consume uncontrollably!

didnt like the collection (comme de garcons and mathhew williamson -judging by what i saw on the net) but theres something more than that.

to me "haute couture" means good quality first of all. but quality isnt a matter of "signature".

a cheap blue shirt 50% cotton and 50% elastane made in thailand, IS NOT a designers item or anything special, even if it has some white polka dots and the label says "comme de garcon".

and this obsession (so many people waiting the doors to open) can only frustrate me.

Mairyliscious said...

anupomonw na erthw athina!

Mairyliscious said...

ti lew
afu les oti htan apo to noemvrh
tha anoiksei omws !
to mah !!!!!!!!!!

K@terina B. said...

when I started reading the post I thought WOW did it re-open?? and then I saw the last picture! It's so sad...!!! I used to enter the changing room with tones of stuff, yet this time I only tried a dress, and 2 skirts!!!
I dont like Mathew Williamson either, so the Ermou store didnt start the best for me!!!
(not to mention the other store in Aiolou,--> NOTHING PURE NOTHING)