Tuesday, 21 April 2009

What do you mean I'm too old?

Yesterday's post of Kingdom of Style put me into trouble. They discovered the Little Fashion Gallery of Le Tour De Force and since I laid eyes on it I am moving my mouse back and forth from "add to shopping bag". Ahh... These would never fit me, would they now?

I am such a fool for hair pieces. This is my fav, bought a few years ago in Topshop, Oxford Circus. It may not be as impressive, but it sure fits me and makes quite a statement when one needs to be made:)


Lopi said...

One is never too old for what makes one happy. Although, if you eventually do press the "add to basket" button and wear one of these fabulous headpieces, the comments you might hear, here in our dear country, will most certainly be juvenile.
That said, I think I'll start my campaign i favour of bold headwear by wearing huge flowers in my hair this summer.

DaisyChain said...

Ohhh I say never too old for whatever makes you happy! Those head pieces are adorable.

The teacup ring is adjustable. It's pictured on the smallest setting, and goes fairly big.
If you want it, paypal is good, but I'm happy to work anything out! Just drop me an e-mail!

Elena said...

Agree! They are Fabulous! Don't worry I'll help you too by wearing those Accesorize gossip-girl like headpieces!

SOS! said...

I love tour de france headpieces...
xx-LJ from SOS!