Sunday, 5 April 2009


Ok, Vivienne Westwood's name on day1 was loud. As it turned out, you should not have been fooled by that. The loud show was that of MAAN, which literally opened AXDW#5 (18:30).

MAAN is MArilena ANdreadi.

After spending 7 years in England, she returned a St. Martins graduate in 2003. Two years later she founded MAAN “the result of frustration, disillusionment (and vision)” as mentioned in her website (

It goes on: “Grateful for good timing and fortunate coincidences, and taking the motto about inspiration and perseverance very seriously, MAAN grew to be a mainly exporting company in less than two years.

Conceived in a tiny studio in Kolonaki, in central Athens, each MAAN collection can now be found in carefully selected boutiques worldwide, from Paris and Rome to Tokyo and Osaka”.

Add this name to your list.

(*irrelevant note: there's something about the backgrounds of MAAN's website.)

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K@terina B. said...

i already purchased leggings and an overall from ss09...i am a big fun...!