Thursday, 23 April 2009

I've just joined I was tipped off a few posts back by Gia, who is apparently the creator of this very interesting social network for fash-bloggers (her profile says she's currently 21). In her words:

Vogueicon is a social networking website for Bloggers, enabling you to promote your blog. After registration, you manage your own area, post articles, give marks or comments... and you have the possibility to create groups. An easy way to meet people and find a community of interest !

It may be brand new, but looks promising.
My member name is AleccaRox .
What have we got here...


Gia said...

Hey dear, you made my heart beat faster with this post, it meant so much to me!
thank you and hope hearing from you soon, why not post something on the site, it seems that people start to get the idea and i am working on some changes:)
have a beautiful idea and be happy!


Larissa said...

Ooo, thatsounds exciting, I'm there!