Monday, 6 April 2009

Vivienne Westwood: The Video (AXDW)

And so the show ends, and Dame Westwood takes over the main screen. (cute handbag on the right by the way):

She may not have honoured us with her presence, but she did with her words which deserve a post. To end her show, she thought she might aswell say "something useful" (sic) and her political/social/fashion sensitivities led her to this:

"If you want to be a designer -young fashion designers- and if you are interested in fashion or the press and buyers and people who adore fashion, you can't go on being a fashion designer without culture. You can start, but in order to continue, you have to have a deep interest in the human race. And you have to know something about history and have a love of arts. And Greece, of course, is the cradle of western civilization" (...)

She also mentioned the (ancient) Greek polytheism, philosophy and the erotic element and went on to stating her realisation that these days scientists are overanalytical and slowly they are starting to get the point that it is the love for others that connects everything.

She finished her small speach by saying that in a couple of generations only a couple of billion of people will be left on this planet and Greece will be terribly hit and turn into sand*.

Final words: "Have a lovely evening and thank you for inviting me".

This space is free for your reactions.

Global Hipster filmed and uploaded the video for everyone who wants to see, here.

*no scientific proof provided for that and stop shaking, I don't think it's happenning this soon. In any case, it's a great excuse to have a hella holiday across the Greek coastline this Summer;)

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Camryn said...

Whoa. It really is scary, since Greece is so beautiful and historic.

Your new layout look so elegant, btw. :)