Monday, 20 April 2009

Maroula, Unique & Hidden

I am as fed up of uniform-wear as I am of uniform-accessorizing. Discovering Maroula's showroom made me particularly happy for that reason.

She's a relatively new kid in town (her atelier's doors are open for the last year or so) and even though she designs numbered, unique items and has full studies in Athens and London on jewellery creation and precious stones, she makes sure she does beautiful stuff for every budget.

"Unique" and "Made With Love" were the keywords that won me over. My obsession with nice, clean and imaginative wrapping gave her a place in my favourites too, especially as she does it all herself, from scratch.

Her atelier/showroom is well hidden on the second floor of Fokionos 8 & Ermou str. so I felt I should tip you off on this one. If you are anywhere close to Syntagma these days, this is one visit you won't regret.

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