Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Plueys are fun

Plueys love Alecca and I love them back. Natural rubber, cute prints and mmd names like 'MatchPoint' and 'Oooh La Lace' have put them on my list long time ago.

It all began when a girl decided she was sick and tired of wet, ruinned shoes and came up with this line. She named it Plueys, a playful take on the French 'pluie' for 'rain' but it's more than rain boots I see in them. (more on plueys)

Wondering where you could be showing these off? Plueys have notes on that too, you'll love them whilst:

* Braving some thundery summer storms!
* Trying to give your squirmy dog a bath. At least your feet will stay dry...
* Perfect for oh-so-stylish gardening.
* Churning up the mud at music festivals and concerts.
* Beachcombing, treasure hunting and exploring tide pools by the beach.
* Picking wildflowers and dandelions for your beau (or just because).

Want'em? I've scored us a 10% off online buys;) Just use the reference 'aleccaislove' *.

(It's all here http://www.plueys.com/)

*valid till 23.07.09


Anonymous said...

Oh, the second one is to die for! Nice post! Totally appropriate for our current crazy weather!

DaisyChain said...

I adore the origami crane ones!