Sunday, 1 November 2009

AXDW - Ioannis Guia

Ioannis Guia is a Paris based Greek designer. In his ten year strong career he has managed to be a Paris Fashion Week resident and hold his own exhibition at the Louvre Museum. Last night's show was impressive from all aspects. It began with traditional sounds of clarinet and drum, music similar to that of a traditional Greek fest. His collection was a wild take on the traditional Greek costume, with thick wool socks and army boots worn on models simulating Tsolia's strict walk outside the Greek parliament. It may sound a bit of a folklore galore, however the opening march of the show (featured above, models marching in a group, no posing) along with the modern cuts and twists in each garment scrabbed that off straight away.

It was indeed a celebration of the traditional neo-Greek costume, a very interesting approach escaping the all-Greek-is-pleat cliche and resulting to a collection which when split to parts, it's both wearable and classy. The catwalk direction was of very high standards to, from the unexpected intro march to the sound and light peaks that kept us alert throughout the show. Carbon black, faded gold and a pure white were the colours the designer chose to address his theme. Mr Guia, to me (and many others) that was world class.

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Lopi said...

Along with THEIA, one of the two shows I will really regret missing. When I read his bio in the AXDW leaflet I was left stunned. Bravo for him and AXDW for including him in the shows!