Sunday, 15 November 2009

Glammed up

It was no secret: Fashion Paths (Christiana, left, own clothes), Life in Athens (Thalia, centre, trying "the gadget") and The Soho Symposium (Hari K, right, wearing Gaffer & Fluf vest pluriel) were Whitebox' guests of honour for the night. The girls arrived there "plain Janes", fresh and naturally gorgeous, and let themselves at the hands of professional stylists on the spot. The result? Wonderful makeovers in no time!

Fashion Paths doing what she knows best, taking lovely photos. At the other side of the lense: Life in Athens.

"The gadget" in action. Katerina (fluf) is transforming it into a dress on Life in Athens.
Change of plan for The Soho Symposium: now wearing a bubbly show-stopper by Marika Poulopoulou, styling her in person.

Final touches on the dress.

Make-up is ready and... is the hair, wrapped into a side-ponytail, easy yet impressive!

The Soho Symposium with Anna Economou's clutch at hand, catching up with Glamour Mag's Amalia Agathou.

Life in Athens is make-up perfect too. To whoever was on the line: hey, she was THIS gorgeous when she took your call:)

Studded boots, these totally rock!

Final touch-ups and boots squeezed down the calves.

And WOW. Complete with on the spot hairstyling.

Fashion Paths was pampered by Whitebox' make-up artist too. Purple eye shadow on brown eyes was quite a revelation to me.
B e a u t i f u l...

The girls did an amazing job, both as models and as photographers of the night. Click on their blogs to see how it was for them. Regular customers and visitors were styled and transformed too. It was a cool, kewwwwl event. Thank you Whitebox, awaiting the next one!


Thalia said...

aw girl!! you are fast!!! thanks for the post!!!!
(feeling a bit shy...#blushing!)

kataifi said...

oooooh...kouklitses mou :D

Hari K said...

YOU PAP!!!!!! hahahaaa!!
ok i have to say that in most of the photos i didn't even notice you taking them!!!! YOU PAAAAAP!!!!

all photos are amazing! thank you thank you!

Mairyliscious said...

einai kai oi 3 uperoxes kai mou aresoun para polu bammenes!!!!
na bafeste suxnotera koritsia !!!

Niviarsiaq said...

This looks so fun!! tAnd the girls are so stylish! love that purple eyeshadow

Vicki Kolovou said...

Nice photos and unconventional makeovers...they look gorgeous :)

Penny said...

re paidia ti tha ginei simera?m exete trelanei!de ftanei pou zilepsa mia fora sto post tis thalias!prospathisa na to xehasw alla xanazilepsa otan eida to post tis Hari K.!K twra edw...haha!eiste foveres!oles panemorfes k me fovero styling!

natalie said...

Wow, beutiful ladies!! LOVE the hair!

chloe said...

wow, thalia's finished hair is just gorgeous - she looks ready for the catwalk or something!
looks like it was a fun evening x