Sunday, 8 November 2009

F for Fashion, F for Fun

If you scroll down my (long) right sidebar, there is a photo of the last show of Antoni & Alison I got to attend at a past London Fashion Week. The theme of the collection was "Fat & Lazy", and accordingly the soundtrack of the show was a loud loop of someone munching on crisps, complete with crisps packs placed on every seat (it was Tesco's crisps if I remember this right).

I thought it was clever and witty and ...shocking, so in line with their tongue-in-cheek unusual humour. Back then I was a student and all I could afford from their stuff were little purses and their collaboration with Debenhams.

Taking a look at their website the other day brought everything back: among skirts and t-shirts, the e-shop (pictured above). I then realised that's what they call their vouchers. Genius and hilarious in random order.

So I thought I might (re)introduce you to this brand by hosting peeps of their S/S 10 collection "Screen Tests":

This was their invite for last September's LFW show - which I sadly missed. I am using it here 'cause it gives you a good idea of what the concept was all about. Antoni (Burakowski) hand-drew prints of sketches for clothes he'd make for "screen tests" of actresses starring in classics like "King Kong", "Wizard of Oz" and "Dangerous Liaisons". Then Alison (Roberts) brought them to life through her designs and yet again, the F of "fun" was put into "fashion".

Celia from Celia Loves also shot some good pics, they are all here.

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Thalia said...

i absolutely love Antoni & Alison! my house was next to their studio shop!!!!!!