Friday, 13 November 2009

Something's cooking chez Havainas

Before kissing this week goodbye, here's an Alecca Exclusive: Havaianas is about to go way beyond flip-flops:

Could hardly believe it when I saw handbags and beach towels visiting the Havaianas stand at Who's Next exhibition in September. I was informed that this new addition was released as a pilot last Summer in three test markets: Brazil, France and Indonesia. They received a warm welcome by the public so a global launch is scheduled for S/S '10! Exciting news as these look stylish and practical at the same time, and we love Havaianas anyway.

*Nope, this is not what was hiding in the secret room of this post. Soon, I promise;)


fashionist__ahead said...

ti wraies tsantes...k i pantoflitsa mprelok korufiii...:)

Marietta said...

Αχ 8ελω να ξαναρ8ει καλοκαιρι! Ή να τραβηξω για εξωτικους προορισμούς τώρα!

natalie said...

Poly wraies tsantes, alla den mporw na skeftomai paralies twra! :)