Monday, 2 November 2009

AXDW - Pansik

Pansik has been for many years among the leading fashion schools of Athens. On day3 of AXDW its students had the chance to show their work and that is very positive because it gives them a taste of the world they are about to enter and gives us an idea of what's hatching in the fashion nests. Student shows are not like all other shows. The young designers-to-be tend to put extra effort in showing what they can do, the techniques and patterns they are able to handle and at the same time have to face the reality that one's clothes are as good as the numbers they can sell. I am not saying we should pat them in the back, but be as constructive with our criticism as we can, to push them to the right direction without eliminating their creativity. It was beyond my powers to be present at the show, so this is a mix of different students' work I got from the photobank. Video courtesy of


Niviarsiaq said...

This is great design work, especially coming from students! I've helped out with a couple of student fashion events and the design quality is much worse than this. Great post!!

Alecca Rox said...

I agree. There are six particular creations above that if developed into a full collection they can hold very strong individual shows, both visually and commercially. I am slightly concerned about the people who are moving towards frocks design, as this field is quite saturated in this country. On the other hand, this may mean that they can easily get a job at some already established designer's atelier, and practice there for a while before creating their own line.