Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Gaffer & Fluf gadgetwear

Gaffer & Fluf is Katerina and Kostas. Browsing Taf's rooms at the last Meet Market, I ended up trying stuff on and being styled by Katerina whilst my friend looked on with a drink at hand. Her argument was that you cannot tell the design simply by looking at it on the hanger and in Gaffer & Fluf's case, she was so right. Then again she has been a stylist on TV for many years, she knows well.

What's stayed with me from that night though, was a slideshow on her laptop featuring about 20 different ways of wearing a rectangular piece of fabric they call "The Gadget". I thought it was so unique and clever, I'm sharing some of it with you. The shoot is more of a look-book thing and took place at their studio, relaxed & greyscaled.

Gaffer & Fluf aim to make clothes that are 'alive', that are able to adjust to personal style. The "gadget" is a good example of that: it's a complete wardrobe in one piece!

"Gaffer" is a nickname for Kostas, a set designer who'd use gaffer tape on the set and "Fluf" is a nick for Katerina a stylist who, well, likes fluf! The duo met on the set of a TV series and around this time of the year back in 2007 they joined forces to create this brand, starting with handbags and accessories. It wasn't long before it evolved into a clothing line.

They haven't quit on accessories though and in the shoot above the model wears what Katerina calls "The Botox Hairband"! - "We call it 'Botox' because besides the faux fur flufiness, it is tight and gives you a lifting effect".

All their clothes are polymorphic, which means they can be worn in many different ways. The rectangular fabric above is a good example. But how does one come up with something like this? - "We use the 'moulage' technique so we play around a lot with the fabric. I thought, why not make a gadget item, something that can look different on you each time you wear it, depending on your mood and own creativity?"

You can find Gaffer & Fluf at Whitebox HQ, 23 Praxitelous str. in Athens as well as their studio, 23 Dervenakion str. in Pallini (for the last, book in advance on 210-6034334).

And by all means, let Katerina style you up! She does magic;)

*Gaffer & Fluf will be at this Sunday's 'Beautiful Inside Out' event at Whitebox.


Thalia said...

their clothes are amazing!!!!
katerina is going to be doing the styling on sunday and i am soooo excited!!!!!!!

Lopi said...

The Gadget is amazing! It reminds me of some projects we did in architecture school. Only the result was never so successful!

the1015lab said...

I love the photoshoot and the unconventional model! The clothes are great too!

Anonymous said...

Do they have an e-mail? I'm doing research for my bachelor thesis which will be about polymorphic clothes and I was wondering if they know any technical books. It's so difficult to find any references!!

Alecca Rox said...

hey... Anonymous(!) they'd be happy to help you if you call them on the number mentioned in the post. If you need more references on polymorphic-wear, email me and maybe I can help;) Best of luck with ur research.