Friday, 20 November 2009

Deux Hommes s/s 10

Designer duo Deux Hommes, Grigoris Triantafyllou & Dimitris Alexakis, presented their s/s collection at hotel Grande Bretagne in the heart of Athens last Saturday. For them it's gonna be either mini lengths or maxi, but there's no space for the average in-between. Actually, looking at this collection, there's no space for the average at all: ethereal fabrics, perfect fits, frills, pleats at their best and descreet lace trimmings went down the melting pot and came out as an ultra feminine, curve-loving collection.

"Pop light feeling of the late '70s, haute couture elements of the Parisian maisons of that era. Exoticism and echoes of the French Rococo. A game between depth and surface, romanticism and provocation, youth and time going by"

Wish you were at this show? Well, I wish I was part of it, leaving in the coral little number four shots below.

Update: Since batteredcouture asked for it, here are a couple of close-ups of the shoes. I was kindly informed they are from Omilo Lemoni;)


Lopi said...

I just fell in love with the sheer stripy fabric of that dress...

And, I may be taking this away from the actual clothes, but being an architect, I really appreciate it when the "mood" of a space responds perfectly to the event. In that case, this whole
late 70's luxury feeling was perfectly showcased in a place like Grand Bretagne Hotel. Kudos to Deux Hommes for thinking outside the box. After all, every designer, every single collection even, is totally different. There's no point of them all being presented in the same generic way, right?

battered couture said...

not bad! Any idea what the shoes are? Maybe a close up? pleasepretty pleeease? :)

Thalia said...

i really like their work!! quite inspirational and i would agree with lopi although not an architect! :)

battered couture said...

thank you dear!!! :*