Saturday, 21 November 2009

Hello Bundle Boot

The "bundle boot" is a Lacoste winter baby. Was happy to see it arrive at my inbox and even happier to know it retails for a sweet £60. So I'm sharing. It looks like this funky soft boot can deal with showers better than my sneakers, pamper my feet better than my flat pumps and the side buttons make it cuter than the usual rain boot. On my list to try on soon!*before you ask, they are available in Greece too (see image below for styles) (oh, and in euro it's €99).


Lopi said...

They're soooooo cute!
However, I've always had a problem wearing apparel with a visible logo, even as small as the little Lacoste crocodile. It's a personal quirk that has kept me from getting many cute things in the past - much like these booties. I just prefer the brand's character to be identifiable through the design alone. Or not at all.

But we all know the Lacoste brand is all about that little green reptile, so what can we do, right?

And let me just ask you, are the three booties in the last pic the only styles that will be available in Greece? These were my least favourite ones :(
What about the first three styles?

Penny said...

they look very cute but now i m on the hunt for more basic pieces such as simple classic black boots...if i had these though, i would try lacoste out!

Mika's Fashion said...

so good news!
m aresei polu to mauro k to roz!

Alecca Rox said...

@lopi - yeap, those are the ones stocked in Greece right now according to the importer... I've got my eyes on the total black ones so I'll try them on locally and if they look too apres-ski for me, I'll buy them online.

fashionist__ahead said...

ti wraies p ein oi maures..!!
wraio post..

Couture Carrie said...

Cute and cosy! Love the blue ones!!


Melissa~ said...

so sweet!
Love lacoste.

chloe said...

not too sure about the multi-coloured ones but i do like the black shiiiiiny pair! let us know how they look! x