Sunday, 10 January 2010

The bowling shoe

If you ask me for a weekend alternative to going out with friends or staying in with friends, I'd say go bowling with friends. Tons of fun I tell you, whether striking those pins down or simply watching your ball travel down the side pipe:)

I am a regular and as you can see I take bowling dress code, well, not too seriously! If you can bend over and get your keys off the floor in it, then you can bowl in it. Fact. The shoes though, that's a different story. They maybe ugly or even funny, but you have to wear bowling shoes.

As a child, I didn't mind their looks. I was actually quite pleased I got to wear the special, "important" shoe. As a teenager though, I attempted several times to cheat and bowl in my All Stars. Busted each and every time. And then finally, someone cared enough to explain: it's a matter of performance as well as safety.

These shoes are different from regular shoes in that the heel and sole of the shoe are made of specific materials, not only for protection of the lanes (reduce scuffmarks, damage to the wood), but also for the protection of the player.
The shoes are designed to have a small amount of "slide", because the momentum from releasing the bowling ball transfers to the foot. A shoe with a pure rubber sole provides greater traction and little or no "give" on the lane surface; as a result the increased friction in the material could result in a potential injury. (stolen from here)

Although the sport is no newbie, historians have traced it back to Ancient Egypt, the shoe pattent came as late as 1984 - at least in the U.S. Voila for the thorough learners:

And even though they thought of pattenting it, it seems that very few bothered to make it look a bit more... sight-friendly. (Seriously, where does it say in that pattent "and it has to be ugly"?) I was ever so excited to come across these babies online, only to read they don't do them since 1984. Why, oh why? *devastated*

Anyways, as long as they don't force me to wear any funny pants, I'll allow the shoes. (Although I am seriously thinking of creating an accessory to cover them nicely and... pattent it too;))

Whatever you do, enjoy your Sunday.


Sugahspank! said...


Chloe In The Sky said...

they are not ugly!!!(well at least most pairs)
happy bowling!

Mairyliscious said...

ax polu xrwma kai diathesh wraia!
agapw na paizw bowling entaksei dn einai polu xaritwmena ta papa alla dn peirazei !!!

Thalia said...

hey i really liked this post! i have bowled only once in my life and i must say it was more of a disaster...however i do like the shoes and the whole outfit that you have to wear!
i should try and bowl!

chloe said...

haha, what an interesting post, love it!
kali xronia alecca mou! xxx

Vicki said...

hey my dear! How ru! happy new year!! I updated my blog layout and accidentally deleted my blog list!! Adding you again now! :)
ps ru going to pret a porter again? xo

Ivan McK said...

Bowling is the greatest sport/hobby ever!!! I have my own ball AND shoes (hand-me-downs from my dad, a former semi-pro) and I love and hate every moment of it (only hate when I lose, LOL)

You should design a sick pair of shoes for some "big name" designer and get boatloads of cash - famous people have bowling alleys in their houses! HA!


natalie said...

Haha, I suck at bowling. So, shoes don't bother me as much as the humiliation of losing every. single. time!