Friday, 29 January 2010

Getting personal with your clothes

Which one would you say is the moment that you get most familiar with what you wear? Is it when you buy them? Is it when you wear them? Is it when you handwash them with care? None of the above.

After recent ironing marathon I performed in an effort to beat the stash of crinkled laundry in my room, it hit me: IT'S WHEN YOU IRON THEM. Not only you go through every inch of their existence, get familiar with their fabric (gotta adjust the temperature, if you love them), understand and care for each naughty seam, you inevitably pay attention to the labels too.

Whilst ironing for the first time my favourite tank top by American Apparel, a top I have worn so many times, I was met by a revelation: it's Sebastien Tellier* for American Apparel. How could I have missed that?

For me, it's official: the moment you get most familiar with your clothes, is the moment you personally iron them.

*And since we brought up Tellier, let's pay homage to his 2008 participation in the Eurovision Contest, a move that had everyone talking about bringing cool back to the luke-warm-and-to-some-indifferent music fest. (In the end, it didn't bring cool back scoring just 42 points for France. Was worth a try (?))


ShoppingTherapy said...

oh! didn't know he did such a collabiration. his song "look" was so perfect for a bitter sweet ending of an Ugly Betty episode

battered couture said...

what you are ironing there could be easily named the best t-shirt of all time. I have it in 3 colours and I so wish i'd bought the whole range.
fantastic quality n'est pas?

chloe said...

i love this song - and he designs too? multitalented!

the beard reminds me of the one my bf had the first night i met him. i remember thinking 'damn, if i like him with that beard, i must reeeaaally like him!' thankfully he had shaved it off by the next time i saw him.
and romance blossomed, lol!

Dewi Sutjiati Lestari said...

yess, totally agree with you..
I always put more "attention, effort, care, and gentle" when ironing my clothes. esp my favorite one :)

I always think that it is only my weird thing, but now, I guess not :D