Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Prêt-à-Porter welcomes Bloggers

It was only a few posts ago when I talked about Premium Berlin hosting a blogger pannel (here & here). Prêt-à-Porter Paris, the "Mecca" of fashion exhibitions, made a statement about the vital role of fashion bloggers too. The organizers see the web as a "window to the show and trends of autumn-winter 2010-2011" and thus contacted three "distinctively talented leading bloggers" to actively cover the event by doing what they do best:
Nast, a photographer, as The Eye of PAPP.

The Cherry Blossom Girl, a fanatic for looks, as The Look Tracker at PAPP.

Éléonore Bridge, a pro of reporting, as The Grand Reporter for the PAPP.

During the exhibition dates, they reported both on their blogs and the official site of PAPP, using images, interviews and clips.
A very, VERY interesting move.

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battered couture said...

indeed very interesting move. maybe greek designers should consider this. not only for fashion week but for their individual shows as well. Intstead most of them prefer to invite d-listed celebrities..