Saturday, 30 January 2010

Prêt-à-Porter, the trends bag by Lovisa Burfitt

This season's Prêt-à-Porter salon was themed "Les Parisiennes 2.0" and it's creative direction was trusted in the hands of Philippe Blondez. He explains what he went for in this video.

Blondez chose to involve Lovisa Burfitt yet for another season, and this time it was much more than illustrating a smart car. The Swedish illustrator who lives in France, unleashed her amazing design skills across the exhibition space, illustrated the cover of the PAPP press release and went on to creating the lovely print for the Prêt-à-Porter "trends bag". (see last season's trends bag here).
In case you haven't already done so, go a few lines up and click on her name. You are gonna love her portfolio of colourful illustrations and girly style.

The limited edition "trends bag" was manufactured once again by Kolam, a young brand strongly focused on eco-fashion. Thumbs up.

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La Rousse said...

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