Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Smack! - A giveaway

Speaking of juicy lips these days, my lips get rather dry in this mad weather. Mad I try not to be, therefore I am not gonna walk in fuchsia lips during the day. Sweet pink is more like it and I found my little saviour in Lip Smackers. Even better, they come in more than 100 tastes, watermelon, ice-cream cookie, bubble gum and candy floss (!) to name a few.

And since 2010 began with a "hot" shade of pink for me, it might aswell start with a hot giveaway for you! How would you fancy receiving in the post three delicious smackers in a cute bag?

You know what to do: email me at aleccarox@windowslive.com, type "Smackers" in the subject area and your name as the message - no need to do this if you've signed up for my competitions list, if you haven't, make a note and I'll add you for future giveaways as well as this one.

Thirty parcels are waiting to be posted, one may be yours! Giveaway ends on Tuesday, 26th of January, at midnight.

Stuff I dag out on Lip Smackers:

*Bonne Belle started producing them in 1973.

*They are the only kind of balm/gloss that comes in such a wide selection of tastes.

*They are also known for collaborations with Coca-Cola, Fanta, Mars, Disney and Colgate. (Fanta roll-on gloss rules)

*They are collectors items (!) - see this.

*American product, made in the U.S.: a) you know I like it when companies produce locally, b) I am surprised this is not Japanese.

*Apart from my purse, they can apparently be found in the handbags of Lindsay Lohan, Sharon Stone, Halle Berry and Paris Hilton:)

*Features proudly: WE DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS.


efi said...

ta thelw ola! ta exw anagkh sas lewwww! :D

Mairyliscious said...

e ti kala !

cornelio03 said...

here's crossing my fingers to win a parcel...

strigles said...

to 8elooooo!!!!

Unknown said...

Yum, yum, gimmee some! I love and adore lip smackers! Been a fan since I was, like, eight years old! How fun! Hope I win!

Katie | FashionFrugality.com said...

I loooove Lip Smackers!! Hope I win! :)
kkondek at gmail.com

M said...

ne gustan mucho!:)))
exw dokimasei to cotton candy k einai iperoxa:)))