Monday, 11 January 2010

Lady Gaga is a doll

Lady Gaga-like dolls inspired by doll-like Lady Gaga. I knew it was coming. This time Mattel was too slow though. Veik, a 29-year-old Gaga fan from Beijing, got there first and the result is stunning! (source & source)

The Gaga-glam style could find no better artist to reflect it on Gaga worship Barbie versions, pictures of which could be easily mistaken for shots of the eccentric singer.

His Gaga-concert doll even includes a step-by-step tutorial of how he managed to get this:

To look like this:
Whether a Gaga fan or not, do visit his flickr portfolio here. "Kermit the frog" outfit and McQueen's "alien" shoe are only a couple of the miniature takes guaranteed to impress you.


natalie said...

Love the blonde bow, the similarities are impressive!

daisychain said...

I'm not, generally speaking, a fan of anything ga-ga, but these are pretty awesome.

Unknown said...

<3 em all