Friday, 15 January 2010


First day of the much awaited sales period for Greece today and I am sure most of you are out there bargain-hunting already. Whilst taking the picture of my little coin-purse above, I was thinking how much I'd like it to be a chicken that lays...euros! When it comes to discount shopping, no amount is ever enough I guess.

Cheap prices can be such a honey-coated trap to lure you into buying a whole bunch of stuff you don't really need, just for the thrill of getting it cheap. Here's a piece of advice to help you stay out of trouble and (unnecessary) bankrupsy:

1. Only buy what you need. What you really need. And maybe that's a vacuum cleaner and not the 100th pair of shoes.

2. Try before you buy. It may look lovely on the hanger, but it has to look good on you or it's joining the dusty pile in your closet. A low price doesn't justify a lousy purchase.

3. Buy timeless goods. And that's where you make the most out of a buy: minimum cost, maximum use on your timeline. (no, a trendy sequinned skirt is not timeless. Wear it next season and you'll be the definition of "'so-last-year")

Couple of tips you may also find useful:

a) The reason to reach the till is not "love at first sight". It's "can't stop thinking of you when you're not around". That's right. Spot it, walk away from it, go back and get it if you still want it an hour later. (this does not apply when you hear the words "last piece in your size")

b) Sales % off tend to become more exciting during the last week. However. This is mainly because it's left-overs. Don't push your luck if your shoe size is 38 or your clothes size is Medium (experience talking about the first, market research on the second)

Let the sale-ing begin!


Mairyliscious said...

really like this post !

downtwnfoxybrown said...

these are great tips, now only if i can follow them :/

daisychain said...

fantastic post! I love your little purse <3

Marietta said...

You missed you blog bday but it will seem even more special when you write "2 years of Alecca Rox" next September! :)
I'm not sure about other words-colours, apart from the obvious baby boy with blue, red for passion, and stuff like that! :P
I just think pink and birthday is something sweet, romantic, happy..!
Do you do the same?