Sunday, 31 January 2010

Familiar at Prêt-à-Porter

It's always nice to come across familiar names and shapes at a foreign exhibition. Last season it was a brand I noticed whilst strolling the isles of the salon. This season, whether visiting the accessories section or not, there's no way one could have missed Koukos.

Being mentioned in two different sections of the press release special mag edition, the brand of Greek accessories designer Georgia Koukos was surely a favourite. In the "trends to capture" section, a photo of her delicate string necklaces is featured amongst others right next to "jewellery with fabric" forecast whereas there is also a reference to her work later in those pages, sharing that "for thirty years, Greek designer Koukos has found the art to carry us away".

Island stores, Plaka and other contemporary jewellery points may have been taken by storm over the recent years by this style. Most Greek girls already have something similar around their neck. However it's France based Koukos that's bringing it to the world, and the world loves it.


daisychain said...

Sorry, I haven't commented in ages, but wanted to let you know I've really been enjoying these recent posts!

Anonymous said...

και πού μπορούμε να τα βρούμε αυτΑ?? :)