Sunday, 27 September 2009


Breaking News: Mushi, mentioned as being a cat in this post, is actually a dog! Heh.. em.. or a cat that looks amazingly like a dog? Nah.. it's a dog. Sorry dear audience for misinforming you. Turns out the brand Akira Mushi in named after two dogs. No cat, I repeat - no cat.

Cutest thing ever, was at the stand too... guarding the collection. (See how I went around she/he specifications there?! I was so surprised it was a dog, I skipped finding out the gender - does it matter?) It's clear now Akira is Olga's dog, Mushi is Anna's D-O-G.

And here is Olga (left) and Anna (right), obviously camera-shy like me.

Apart from their clothing line for Spring/Summer '10, I noticed Akira Mushi earrings on display with the usual card featuring them worn (the only way you wear earrings, no surprises there!). Beautiful.

And since I had the chance, I shot a close-up of that needlecraft print tee. I guess if it was the '50s, the message would be something like "let's hold hands"...

I am knackerred. Tell a Story #5 ended tonight but keep checking this space, as of tomorrow I will unleash the contents of my camera... New week ahead, sleep tight.

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lopi said...

Too bad I didn't make it this year... I'd love to be able to see all these cute things up-close.
And I love the needlepoint t-shirt. Give me old-school with irony any day!