Saturday, 16 May 2009

Fox Fair Finds - Psarokokalo

If Psarokokalo is around, it is gonna catch your eye for sure. The peculiar stuffed dolls and quirky accessories under the brand, somehow stand out. Psarokokalo is Maria Polyxa.

Her shop reads:

"psarokokalo = fishbone in greek

psarokokalo is: handmade, well made designer goods that are sophisticated yet fun... I try to make things from recycling materials , change the form and the function of things into my own creations. my creations come from a nonsmoking studio we do not have cats but we do have a dog called Eric Satie!"

Alecca: How did you come up with the name?
Maria: psarokokalo is my nick name since my BA studies 1998, I had a project then that included an image of Picasso eating a fish bone so I ended up with psarokokalo!

A: What is it about stuffed animals?
M: I do hate and despise stuffed animals and anything that has to do with animal abuse and production of animal fur and bones sometimes ... It is amazing to try and imitate their amazing shape and characteristics in art and design , it is great inspiration for me. So, go for fabric stuffed animals people and leave the real ones alone!

A: What other stuff do you make? What materials do you use?
M: I make human shaped dolls , some jewellery, little books, a little clothing when I have a good idea. I use mainly fabric, plastic, wood.

A: What's your relationship with fashion?
M: Most of my materials are upcycled from scraps of fabrics I gather from fashion designers, plastics and other finds from the beach, scraps of wood from wood-technicians.

A: Where can we see/get what you make?
M: You can e-shop my work at (us dollars) and (euro)
also in greek shops:
''occhi'' 35 sarri str athens
''koukoutsi'' emmanouil benaki 96 exarchia athens
''axinos'' ksenokratous 42 kolonaki athens
''axinos'' xora serifou,serifos
''suonsi'' formionos 82 pagrati athens
''sobe'' 5a nikokreontos str. nicosia cyprus
''formika'' pallados 9 athens
''so shic'' iraklio kritis
''daxtylithra shop'' akti toti chatzi 9 ,Aigina


Anonymous said...

I'm familiar with Psarokokalo's work and it's great!!! How is it possible to participate in a Fox Fair?

ToKataifi said...

omorfaaa :)

psarokokalo creative studio said...

hey Alecca! thanks so much for a wonderful post!!

antigoni said...

Maria is very talented!!!!