Thursday, 28 May 2009

Like no other

Last night I met up with a friend. He's just bought a new car, but it was his new shoes I could not stop staring at...woe? They looked like Nike Milleniums but... what for an edition was that?

Was it the laces? Were they too dirty? Too clean? Have you seen Nikes like these before?

And then I took a closer look: "Nikos". Nike-Nikos-Millenium. Nike iD mi deers. Custom made, totally you, none can argue that! "Nikos Panionios" (as he'd like to be called for the purposes of this post) doesn't come from the fashion scene. It's more The boy got style though regardless and gave me an idea or two that kept me busy for hours.

Customise. Love it.

Here's Marco Materazzi making his very own. (blyme, he says "a pair a month")


Elena said...

Isn't it cool? If I didn't have a whole shoe stack of sneakers that I DON'T wear I would definately invest on a pair or two of custom made Nikes!

Thalia said...

just perfect!

Lopi said...

I've heard a lot of my guy friends say they'd like a pair of these... The only time you'll catch men talking about shoes with more passion than us!

battered couture said...

way cooler if it rights your name on it!

battered couture said...


Mika's Fashion said...