Monday, 25 May 2009

New week, New designer

Have just woken up, sun is rising strong and bright and today is going to be one summery May day. I thought I might give you a 'Cheap & Cheerful' song to get dressed to. (Actually it's free). Coffee: essential. Volume to the max. Now dive into that closet and choose something light and fun.

Applied to catwalk:

Mary Karantzou is the latest St. Martins kid to be carrying the title "Greek Born" next to all worshiping references in press. Become familiar (if you still ain't), she's good.

She graduated from the fierce Central Saint Martins MA Fashion in 2008 and ever since she's had names like's Sarah Mower, Penny Martin and an army of bloggers praising her designs. Has worked with Sophia Kokosalaki and sold her samples to Bill Blass. The colourful oversized jewellery prints on her jersey dresses are becoming an obsession.

Remeber the name. Be inspired.
Grab your bag, leave home and get this week started.


K@terina B. said...

she might be the future kokosalaki!!!

*Constance said...

Well, she has a totally different style from Kokosalaki,I think, a bit more 'cubist' designs, (alecca am I saying right?) but -yes she rocks!!!!!
isn't it nice?? young, greek st martins-bred fashion designers!!

Mairyliscious said...

mia erwthsh mhpws ksereis to apogeuma tetarths an einai anoixta ta magazia sthn khfisia?

Christiana said...

mou aresoun polu ta foremata tis katrantzou! ksekinise apo arxitektoniki kai genika exei polla gewmetrika stoixeia sto stul tis! ta foremata tis ta exei to sotris nun a la mode! alla polu akriva.... :(