Thursday, 21 May 2009

Ally with a target

You can wear a t-shirt in hundreds of ways. Now imagine a t-shirt that could save hundreds of women.

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer GR has launched this new top that can do just that. It retails for 29 euros and comes in white, black, grey, turqoise and purple (featured here). All profits go towards offering free tests and consultation to all women who care - and all of us should (more info

"Become an ally with a target" is the moto of the campaign, and it's urging us to do something simple and fun: gather friends, family, classmates or co-workers and order the t-shirt as a team. By taking the initiative to bring everyone together and support this cause as a group, you are becoming an "ally" of one of the most worthwhile projects: saving lives.

Of course, such an ally deserves her reward and FTBC GR knows how to show gratitude but sending you a gift for your effort (see

You have to do so fast as campaign only lasts till the 26th of June, a day when all women are called to wear their tee in public and spread the word. Breast cancer is curable if diagnosed at an early stage and awareness and proaction can help more women stay with us for longer.

I fully support this cause and I say waste no time! Go to, learn more about it and "become an ally" today. It's a good chance to get to know everyone in your class, bring your family together by joining FTBC's family and come closer to your colleagues, making meetings all the more colourful on June 26th.

Then you can proudly send a photo of all of you in the tee and become an example by being featured on the campaign's website. Bonus: the t-shirt is made from heavenly soft elastic cotton, suits all body types and indeed can be mixed'n'matched with anything you own;)
*It has to be in groups of 10 or above so I am doing it like this: there must be at least 20 girls amongst my facebook contacts I haven't seen in a while. I will message them all about it and suggest this as an excuse to make some space in our schedules and meet up to catch up and place our order. Sometimes, a good excuse is all you need...


DaisyChain said...

Ohhh, a cause close to my heart. A friend's Mum has just being diagnosed with agressive breast cancer that wasn't detected early enough :(

Chloe In The Sky said...

I also got mine today, I 'm going to post tomorrow!!!

Thalia said...

the t-shirt is really lovely actually and is for a super good cause so we fully support!!!

I also like how you have presented it!!!

Hari K said...

ooh! i love pics with motion!! good job!!!
these past 2 days were absolutely crazy! had no time to do anything but i'll post my "target" pics soon,too!!!!

battered couture said...

I love you outfit posts. You should them more often.

Marietta said...

I love the photos and how you kept your face discreatly hidden :)
Good cause, nice moto