Saturday, 9 May 2009

Drop by, why don't you

The other day I was in Kifisia and I thought I might aswell drop by Frida Karadima's atelier. Got her right in the middle of a fitting, which I was allowed to watch. Great!

It's no secret I am a big fan of her summer collection 'fluorescent' and I keep looking for a good excuse to bring one of those dresses home: a wedding, a graduation, a reunion, the Oscars, ANYTHING. Seeing and touching the clothes I had seen on the models of her SS 09 show only confirmed they are flawless.

Still, the fitting was really intriguing... What was it for? Well Frida has been invited to show her collection as a representative of the Greek fashion scene at our embassy in Serbia on June 13th and she was perfecting some new designs.

What she makes is no walk in the park. The details that make each dress so special require particular skill and patience to come out this perfect: spotless hems, unmistakable seams, amazing fit. I was impressed.

Frida is almost always at her atelier. How about that! You can just walk in and meet the designer in person. 'Can anyone just walk in and meet you?' I asked, standing there myself. 'Of course!' said the very sweet, down to earth young designer, 'it is always nice to meet like minded souls and talk about fashion'.

I tell you, being at the designer's own space is much more intense than going through endless rails of merchandise.

In case you want to drop by too, Frida's showroom is at Diom. Kyriakou 16 & Drosini and you can reach her on +30 210 62 31 956.


K@terina B. said...

woohoo lucky you!!! clothes look superb!!

Mika's Fashion said...

pw pw teleia foremata... aaaxxx ta 8elw ola.

Christiana said...

I love the shoes in this collection!!! they bring out both funky and sexy vibes!

chalortte said...

I love the first image !!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just tagged you with a blog-award!

eleni said...

those dresses are amazing!

Niviarsiaq said...

I can't see them up close and in person (obviously) but from what I can tell, her designs look flawless! -And amazingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing this!