Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sunday is a good day... say thank you!

Special thanks to Jo, who gave me this award refering to me as The "Master" of Fashion. (So much to live up to!hehe..)

Dear Eda too thinks my blog is lovely. Oh, thanks, I think your blog is lovely aswell!

Spreading the love like one should, here are some blogs I think are fab and equally deserve to be awarded:
-->The Soho Symposium
-->Life In Athens
-->Live, Love, Shop
-->Chloe In The Sky With Diamonds
-->Las Niñas Y Los Niños

...and of course everyone on my right column blogroll;)

Unless you are catching sun at some beach, can't think of a better way to spend your Sunday other than blog-checking:)


*Constance said...

Good morning!& congrats for you arwards! if you see this comment please check your mailbox too*
I kinda need your help.

Thalia said...

Rise and shine, although its nearly 2!!!
Congrats on the awards! You definitely deserve it!!!
And a big smile and thanks for the support!!!!!

Elena said...

Congraaaaaaaats! :)

kataifi said...

thank you...thank you...thank you despinis!!!! (megaaaalo xamogelo)

sinxaritiria kgia to kenourio award sou =D

DaisyChain said...

congratulations on the awards!

Hari K said...

thank you dear!! :)))))

Eda said...

You are welcome!

Niviarsiaq said...

Thank you so much for the award! I feel so special to be included! <3 Really I do; so thank you very much!