Thursday, 14 May 2009

Fox Fair Finds - Marlidarling

Costume designer Marli Aleiferi aka Marlidarling does the loveliest handbags I've seen in a while. Made from retro cotton fabric, they are all handmade and unique, so there's no way you'll meet another girl holding the same one as you. Machine washable, size fits A4, controversially colourful and retailing for just 19 euros.

Alecca: how did the name come up?
Marli: it was what some friends used to call me during fashion school. It is witty and fun and carries a bit of myself, like the bags I make.

A: you are a costume designer. Why bags?
M: a bag is the most personal and functional part of one's outfit. I love tote bags. They are so convenient for all times of the day, casual in the morning, playfull at night and always fit everything. In times when fashion becomes so uniform, I felt the way to make a difference is by holding a unique, simple and practical bag.

A: where can we find your bags?
M: they are all limited edition items, produced in very small numbers. At the moment you can find them exclusively at The Fox Fair. I am planning to register an shop soon. Till then, you can reach me at


Marietta said...

Very cute!I love this kind of bags

Mika's Fashion said...

αν και δν ειναι στο στιλ μου ειναι πολυ χαριτωμενες!

ToKataifi said...

love those tote bags..
perfect for summer...