Friday, 15 May 2009

Vogue Italia Anar-chic

Small break from the Fox Fair Finds as the April issue of Vogue Italia has come to my attention. I have never seen anything like it, let alone on a Vogue cover: it is a sephia, grainy print of the actual shoot, title as part of the photo too, and for all the more vintage effect, the photo was folded in two before scanned and printed as a front page.

I am so used to Vogue covers internationally being so sleek, picture-perfect and glossy, that this mat, purposely imperfect one is such a pleasant rebellion to my eyes. Rightfully deserves the title it's been given by the editor: Anar-chic.

The commentary talks about the liberty of the absolute creation. R-e-s-p-e-c-t.

(credits: make-up - Pat McGrath, fashion editor - Karl Templer, photo - Steven Meisel)

Otherwise, this issue is literally a collection of expensive ads. Aquascutum's is worth sharing. I can almost hear the photographer say "lights... models... now start kissing". What a Spring theme.


Hari K said...

there is also another pic of the aquascutum kissing ad!
check it out:

very clever indeed!! :)

streetgeist said...

I was also immediately attracted to this issue by its beautiful cover, but the rest of it failed to satisfy me as well...
And yes this add is really good!