Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Mary Wants A Purple Dress

Mary Wants A Purple Dress is Dimitris Kaidantzis. First thing you notice about this collection is the difference to anything mass market. Second, the perfect fits. Third, the expert handling of the fabric. I could go on and on about this limited edition line with endless styling potential but I think I'll leave it to the designer himself...

Alecca: Why did you choose such a complicated name?
Dimitris: I had been looking for a name that captures this line’s vibe for a long time. One morning I woke up and it was nailed in my head: Mary Wants A Purple Dress. "Mary", because she could be any woman. "Wants A Purple Dress", because she knows what she wants no matter if it’s in fashion. She wants exactly that and she won’t stop till she gets is. Strongly determined.

A: For how long has this line been around
D: I’ve been designing for 11 years but it’s for the last 7 seasons that MWAPD has come to life. It combines couture elements (both technical & visual) with every day wearability. It’s a limited edition line created to project my own sense of creativity and personal point of view on design.

A: For which women do you design?

D: Romantic, sensitive, independent, sensual, creative, decisive and assertive. She knows what she wants and how to get it.

A: What is fashion to you?
D: I don’t think you can describe fashion in words. It could be all or nothing. Fashion in the sense of “trend” is to me a guideline of what not to follow.

A: What do you mostly pay attention to in clothes?
D: Pattern, shape, texture and price.

A: Where can we find MWAPD?

D: At the boutiques Frock’n’roll (Varnali 4A, Halandri), London Fashion (Sofokleous 1, Peristeri), Above (Vironos 31, Lamia) and for more particular, personal orders at afterstudio (Sarafi 6, Petroupoli)

Dimitris has captured the vibe behind the brand in a poem. In a way, it's a story about not compromising when it comes to personal style. When you wear what you truly want, it's naturally perfect:


I remember that girl running naked through the crowd in a very busy city
Everybody was looking at her and she is anxious
not because her nudity though...she seemed as she was looking for something.

And the time flows like clouds
She is away from the city now
up to the sky
and down to earth again
with the wonderful smell of hers(like spring)
And the summer comes
and then fall
and winter
and spring again.
And there she is finally staying still in a center of a big land of violets
(purple violets everywhere)
where she lays down, facing the sky
feeling beautiful as violets are covering her body.

and how wonderful everything is...
now that Mary found her dress.

*original shoot: Kelly Filiou. photoshop magic: Mary Wants A Purple Dress.


K@terina B. said...

ou I recognized the one you tryied on during fox fair!!!
I love the first and the 4rth!
The name is amazing, I dont know if it is catchy enough but I would certainly remember it!!!

ToKataifi said...

poli omorfa rouxa...

poli kali ki fotografisi..

Thalia said...

really really nice designs...they look unique, dynamic and ethereal...
i love the 5th and the 6th one!!!

DaisyChain said...

love these designs!

Mika's Fashion said...

polu wraia ta rouxa kai h fotografhsh...