Saturday, 16 May 2009

London's party last night

Sofokleous str. in Peristeri was unusually lively last night. At number 9, London Fashion Store was holding a party inside the store as well as out on the street. Cocktails, beats & late night shopping: perfect for a warm May evening.

London Fashion is a boutique, in the '60s sense of the term. Someone once said about BiBa in London: "you'd go there to see the latest fashions, avant gard design, listen to music, talk about fashion and hang out". LF puts me in that sort of mood. The merchandise is a very carefully selected blend of new generation Greek designers and fresh brands from abroad, both womenswear and menswear. Unless you live in the neighbourhood, this store to this day is one of the best kept secrets of fashion's young & restless.

In their own words: "London Fashion is an idea, that Eugenia and Kostis came up with. It started as one of those plans that everyone makes for the future, on the first day of 2007. In less than one year, this excited idea became reality, thanks to our willingness never to give up" - London Fashion blog

DJ doing his magic at the front window.

Great aesthetics: everything seems to be so carefully placed.

Filep Motwary's sky-high heels on display.

Designers Katerina Alexandraki (Katerinalexandraki) and Dimitris Kaidantzis (Mary Wants A Purple Dress) in a seriously good mood.

Detail: velvet touch black hangers.

Vintage wooden closet turned into a lit display unit. Just like sneaking into a dream wardrobe.

Moi, stunned by Kostis' fab newspaper dress. Creativity blossoms.

Eugenia, 1/2 of London Fashion, adoring Dimitris Kaidantzis. Dress: Mary Wants A Purple Dress, Shoes: Filep Motwary.

Kostis, the other half of London Fashion, showing off his band new tatoo.

*"Letter pie (π) stands for 3,14. It is a stable (constant) number and connotates my name: Konstantinos, Constant" - Kostis. Somehow the sight of a Greek letter tatooed really got me. The fact that there's a story behind it too was a bonus.

*"This dress is making love to your body" - Noideawho. He meant it really suits her. Styling commentary doesn't have to be boring.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a priceless store...

DaisyChain said...

what a great looking place =)

Mairyliscious said...

polu wraia h photo sou sto glamour !

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I love to see your outfit.
And your every items..
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