Monday, 14 September 2009

Fashion ethics, an example

It's not so much the beauty of this bag. It's the ethical and creative bond it embodies. The ethical as in eco-friendly part was a big issue at this Prêt-à-Porter. It had it's own area of brands and they were all putting a brave fight to make ethical fashion...fashionable. Kolam, the producer of the bag was there too.

Kolam is Lise Hoffman and Aurelien Dahan. "Why ethical fashion?" I asked. "We met while studying fashion. We both come from families that raised us in such mentalities, eating biological food etc. and as like-minded people we came together and decided to bring this philosophy to fashion", Lise explained.

"However our vision was to create trendy and affordable ethical fashion because we realised that up to now, all efforts were either too expensive or compimising fashion-wise" Aurelien added to this. "Now our brand is 3 years old, we only use organic cotton and even though we are a French brand, we produce everything in India".

"Why India?" was something I wanted to ask all along. "Because India is the leader in organic cotton production and also offers all the production levels so we do not have to fly designs and materials back and forth. Producing everything in one place is cost-savvy and eco-friendly" is my answer and I like it!

Their stand is according to their philosophy too, with the grass carpet being real grass instead of synthetic fibres. Could not think of a better company to produce the Prêt-à-Porter "trends bag"...

Next stop, the creator of the print.


meraldia said...

Molis serfara sto site tous. Ehoun poly oraia kommatia k i filosofia tous episis mou aresei! Xodeuoume tosa se rouha, giati na min einai k oikologika? Krima pou den ehoun online shop (akoma)

Alecca Rox said...

If I'm not mistaken, they do have an online shop, here: