Tuesday, 2 February 2010

ANNA 11/M - theatre reflects on life

When tv reflects on life, you get a documentary, a movie, even a series. What happens though when this reflection is put into a theatrical play?

"ANNA 11/M" is Paloma Pedrero's transfer of the terrorist attack that shook Madrid and the world on March 11th 2004, through the eyes of three women named "Anna". No random Annas. They all have Angel in common, Anna the lover, Anna the wife, Anna the mother. Angel was on the tragic train to Atocha and the three main monologues Pedrero put together manage to tell the story, unravel the horror and at the same time project some of the most powerful ways a woman can love a man.

Both the script and costumes are based on real witnesses testimonies with peaks of surreal, ironic moments that make this no ordinary drama. Skillful stage direction, semiology and well-worked, good performances give you all the good reasons to go watch this whether it's paying tribute to the memory of the event, recognising the tragedy terrorism brings or simply interested in the mutli-angular approach of love.

"ANNA 11/M" will be on Pandou's stage (Karaiskaki 28, Psurri) starting this Wednesday the 3rd and every Wednesday and Thursday after that. Had the honour of watching the grand rehearsal and I strongly recommend you check it out.

Stay tuned, exclusive costume photos and some interesting insights on their importance as perceived by the actresses, the director and Celebrity Skin, the costume designers themselves.

Direction-Sceneography: Christos Strepkos
Translation: Maria Chatziemmaouil–Dimitris Psaras
Costumes: Celebrity Skin
Music: Dimitris Karalis
Lights: Nikos Sotiropoulos
Assistant Director: Stavros Kolokouris

Starring: Deppy Paga, Natassa Dailiani, Christina Skaza

Pandou Multispace (Karaiskaki 28,Psurri,tel. 210 3314601-2)
Opening 3rd February
Wednesdays & Thursdays
Starting at 21.15
Ticket Price 15є, 10є (students)

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wow, looks cool!
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