Sunday, 28 February 2010

What's with the fish fuss

Today's editorial of the Big Fish features five Greek fashion bloggers above the title "New media avenge themselves (but they do it in style)". Myself, The Soho Symposium, Life Full of Fashion, Battered Couture and Life in Athens were the sample chosen to represent the growing community of fashion bloggers that do not aim to judge or guide, but share and discuss.

An honour, no question, especially as it came so unexpectedly. Had never thought of what we so naturally do every morning as influential or world changing, but indeed, independent fashion blogging is a snap back to reality, a shout out to those that often forget that fashion is there to serve real people.

If this was your first dive into fashion blogging, hope you took a deep breath: the clicks are endless.


battered couture said...

heyyyy :)))

Marietta said...

Tosa oraia pragmata simvainoun s esas tis fashion bloggers teleftea, einai teleio!!

lucia said...

η φωτογράφηση είναι πραγματικά επαγγελματική-καμία σχέση με προηγούμενα αφιερώματα στα blogs, και είστε ΟΛΕΣ πολύ όμορφες!

θα το γράψω και στις υπόλοιπες 4 γιατί χάρηκα πολύ που σας είδα όλες μαζί. μπράβο!

chloe said...

syxaritiria! poly oreo pou arxisan kai stin ellada na anagnorizontai oi bloggers, eiste oles teleies (and you're my friends, wheeeee!) x

Clemmie and Melroy said...

God you look stunning!