Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The importance of costumes in theatre

Whilst at the rehearsal last Monday, I thought I might pop the question: Why are costumes so important for the delivery of a role? The director, protagonists and costume designers of ANNA 11/M provided answers from their own points of view:

The director, Christos Strepkos (Michani Technis) - above left: "The costumes are like a second skin on performers. The characters are visualy incomplete without them. For me, it is very important to work with costume designers that are able to communicate the message I am aiming to express accurately and realistically".

The protagonists, Natassa Dailiani, Deppy Paga & Christina Skaza - above left to right:

"The costumes are vital in performing. They complete the character and directly influence the way we play the part".

"They are our work uniform, if the stage is our 'office' they are the 'suit'. If you go to work in the wrong dress code it counts against you and your tasks".

"The costumes play the most imortant part, they are our job tools. They have to be right for the job to be done, for the character to be delivered".

The Costume Designers, Celebrity Skin (1/2 of, Dimitris Strepkos above): "Costume design is where I started my career from and I know well that the nature of the character reflects on them. The shapes, the colours are all symbols the audience has to read. You have to understand each role well and do your research. I found it particularly interesting bringing the avant garde spirit of Celebrity Skin to everyday people costumes. Adding touches of elegance to real people is what art is really after, isn't it?"

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teleio post! mou aresei otan diavazo se anapantexa meri kati toso endiaferon kai malista gia to theatro!