Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The One T-Shirt project, s/s 10

Fun and fresh Spring tees, no?
But it is actually much more than that. One T-Shirt is a project of communication through fashion. These prints stand for poetic and politcal affirmation. The project was named after the limited numbers of its models but also because the range aims to make personal statements.

The theme of this first collection is the historic and current battle between war and peace. All prints explore motives of war, identified by an aesthetic object: technical drawings of the elements of dissected weapons, written instructions on how to assemble or use arms, etc. set against an opposing romantic motive: illustrations of flowers, birds or insects.

Interestingly, the project is signed by Carlo Ninchi and Vittorio Locatelli (LO STUDIO, Milan), a duo involved in different artistic backgrounds, from architecture and design to photography, global workshops for image, design and research.

The website
www.onetshirt.eu features models trying the tees on video and is an active space that continually evolves.

*in Greece, One T-Shirt will be available exclusively at
Tsantilis stores.


Thalia said...

this seems so interesting! i ll definitely have a look when they are available!!!!

Miss Woody said...

love your blog !

anastasia said...

polu oraia einai!!

Lopi said...

Although I absolutely hate guns, I really love technical drawings of any kind. The first one looks intriguingly beautiful.
Hey, aren't they gonna sell them on-line? When will they launch at Tsantilis?