Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Tell a Story time

Just three days before the 6th Tell-a-Story begins, its founder and organizer Anna Polydorou, fills us in.
(bag by Emma.nuella)
What's new this season at Tell-a-Story?

The new collections of designers that we have got to know through this exhibition, like Vlieger & Vandam, Daniela Pais, Akira Mushi, Alexia Kirmitsi, KRV KURVA, Emma.nuella, ne_ne by Marina Nicolaides (she won first prize at last Cyprus Fashion Week) but also of well known Greek designers like Grace Atelier De Luxe, Meet the Cat, Matalou @ home and Euangelia, whose continuous presence at the exhibition strengthens its style and particular character. Latest additions, the leather bags designer Ippolito, the jewellery designer Kores and accessories designer Strigles.
(womenswear by Akira Mushi)
In which ways is TaS different to other fashion events?
It is an event that supports the work of indepentent designers with limited edition collections, particulat yet easy to wear. Through the minimal and direct presentation, Tell a Story focuses exclusively on the work of each designer.
(bags by Ippolito)
Which is ideally the goal for this 6th Tell a Story?
This season Tell a Story becomes a showroom. It will take place on the second floor of Myga multispace and it will be exclusively targeted to buyers, journalists and people directly interested in the field of fashion and design. It focuses on the real goal of the exhibition which is presenting and showcasing the work of designers to the Greek buyers.

(womenswear by Alexia Kirmitsi)
How does Tell a Story perceive the place of Greek fashion next to foreign designers?
I believe that each country has its own design force to show. Greece is not a minor in that sense. It really lacks though the financial support which is inexistent. Considering the fact that in Cyprus, Germany, Denmark, Portugal and other European countries theres are programs promoting designers work by financing up to 75% of the participation costs in international exhibitions, thus supporting their presence and exports, then you realise how much talent goes to waste before it even has a chance to make a beginning.
(necklace by Meet the Cat)
Why the lack of days open to the public this time?
As already said, this season Tell a Story becomes a showroom. The fact that is 'climbing' on a floor and at a quite restricted space would make it too difficult to satisfy both the public and the buyers. So we had to draw a line... That is why the exhibition dates just be Saturday, Sunday and Monday. As for the public, they can keep up to date though, through our facebook page as well as the personal website of each designer.

(Tell-a-Story will take place on Saturday, 27/2 from 11:00 to 18:30, Sunday, 28/2 & Monday, 1/3 from 11:00 to 21:00, at MYGA, Aisopou & Mikonos 13, Psurri, Athens)


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